Poetry Publications

"1942: In Response to Executive Order 9066...," "Gaman," and "Dumb Luck" featured in Nikkei Uncovered: A Poetry Column, selected by traci kato-kiriyama

"Dumb Luck," Asian American Writers' Workshop's The Margins

"Ligature," LEON Literary Review

"Chicken Soup," The Slowdown podcast, selected by Tracy K. Smith

"In Search of Meaning on Vacation in Paris" and "A Story From College," Hoxie Gorge Review

"Denim," Best of the Net 2018

"Gaman," Poetry Society of America

"Friday Night Affair," reprinted in Verse Daily

“Denim,” “Pelvic Ultrasound,” and “Three Ithaca Fragments,“ The Portland Review

“News of Home,“ A Women’s Thing, ”The Magic Issue

“Insomniac in Love” sequence, Wildness

“An Incomplete Story,” “For the Korean Grandmother on Sunset Boulevard,” and “Gaman,” The Asian American Literary Review

“Passing the Lake,” Smartish Pace, finalist for Erskine J. Poetry Prize

“Earthquake Drills,” Connotation Press: An Artifact

“A Leaving,” Codex Journal

“Ancestors,” Luna Luna

“Roofing,” Miramar

“Lucky Come Hawai'i,” Crab Orchard Review

“The Night Before Your 28th Birthday,” The Pinch

“Monologue of the Fat Girl,” Tar River Poetry

“Choose Your Own Adventure: Go South,” Newfound Journal

“Before the Divorce, a Dry Thunderstorm,” Atticus Review